The jewels of bronze or brone

Bronze is an alloy of copper and tin and its shade can change depending on the amount of copper present in this alloy. For example, bronze is a yellow metal very similar to the color of gold compared to bronze which is characterized by reddish reflections. In both cases, the copper present in their composition is very sensitive to heat and external agents, consequently the jewels can change their appearance, but it is completely natural.

Also, depending on the pH of your skin's sweat you may find greenish spots on the skin which should not be considered allergic reactions or intolerances but can be washed away quickly.

Perfumes, make-up or creams can stain bronze jewellery, therefore we recommend for the care of your jewel to clean it from time to time with a specific product and a soft cloth, applying a light layer and avoiding it coming into contact with the burnished areas of the jewellery, such as example the grooves that characterize some jewels of the Genesis collection (see round pendant)

The silver jewels

925 silver is a metal which, although it is composed of a high title of silver, also has small quantities of other metals such as copper. This means that their appearance can change if left near direct sources of heat or in the presence of high humidity levels, even more so if near the sea. Don't worry, just clean with a soft cloth and a specific solution for silver and your jewel will shine again.

We recommend applying a small amount of product trying not to invade the burnished areas of the jewels such as the grooves that characterize some jewels of the Genesis collection (see Abbraccio ring)

The smooth surfaces of Genos jewels are delicate and like any valuable object they must be protected from scratches, falls or stress that could alter their aesthetics. However you can contact us for assistance or advice on your jewellery.

The jewels in burnished silver

Burnishing is nothing more than an oxidation of the silver surface. For jewels such as earrings or pendants, the burnishing has a longer duration than that of rings as in the latter the process of natural rubbing with other surfaces is greater. It is therefore advisable to place the jewel in its case once used and to degrease it when necessary with alcohol and cotton wool without ever rubbing.

The jewels in silver with a gold bath

Gold galvanic baths can fade over time, taking away from the jewel that intense golden color it had at the time of purchase. To prevent your jewel from losing its charm, you must avoid letting it come into contact with corrosive substances such as creams, make-up or perfumes. It is also recommended to keep it away from hard objects such as zippers, buttons or other jewels that could create scratches on the surface. It is recommended to carefully store it in the special case once worn. It is advisable to degrease the jewel using alcohol and cotton wool but without rubbing.

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