• 630,00 €
    630,00 €

    Bracelet with faceted elements available in silver and bronze. The concept of transformation inspired the Gemme collection to which this bracelet belongs. The elements can be finished according to the individual taste of the customer. In this version we offer satin and burnished elements. To match with the ring or earrings of the same design.

  • 340,00 €
    340,00 €

    Four-strand necklace with large faceted bronze pendant. The peculiarity of the faceted surfaces is to radiate reflections of light that give splendor to your look. The stones and the number of strands can be customized according to your taste.

  • 205,00 €
    205,00 €

    This ring in silver or bronze offers a design inspired by the concept of transformation. Everything that is constantly evolving is present in the features of this collection. Just as raw minerals can turn into precious stones, even people in the act of evolving can sublimate their consciences.Size guide

  • 80,00 €
    80,00 €

    The faceted pendants of the Gemme collection are inspired by the concept of evolution understood as change. Just as actors are transformed into scene even raw minerals in nature if they are cut can become precious stones of amazing beauty. This transformation process is what motivated this collection. Can be match with the ring of the same collection.

  • 200,00 €
    200,00 €

    It is the largest of the Gems collection elements inspired by the concept of evolution, of transformation. Mute matter and a raw mineral can give birth to a precious stone that spreads light and beauty. These are the concepts contained in this collection. To combine with the ring of the same design.

  • 90,00 €
    90,00 €

    We have created the elements of the Gemme collection of different sizes and shapes to allow numerous combinations and variations also by associating them with threads of hard stones, corals or pearls. The multifaceted elements of four measures come from the concept of Transformation or sublimation of being: from raw consciousness to high spirituality.

  • 120,00 €
    120,00 €

    Faceted pendant which is part of the Gemme collection that centers its design on the concept of transformation, the evolution of matter, the sublimation of being. Available in four sizes and different finishes and materials.

  • 245,00 €
    245,00 €

    Necklace with silver element and two bamboo coral threads. Comfortable silver clasp.

  • 660,00 €
    660,00 €

    These necklaces lend themselves to multiple combinations since the elements that compose it have four sizes. In this series we see the GEME of second size. Why did we call these faceted elements Gems? Because as in nature they have facets that emanate a thousand reflections but are still raw, in the process of transformation, the main concept of this collection.

  • 530,00 €
    530,00 €

    Why did we give this collection this name? Because the gems are born from a process of transformation. This is how the elements present themselves, as multifaceted shapes that have not yet reached geometric perfection. The necklaces can be designed according to numerous combinations since the elements are of different sizes. Goldplated clousure.

  • 780,00 €
    780,00 €

    The Gemme collection is inspired by the concept of transformation. Bracelets and necklaces can be designed according to numerous combinations because the elements are of different sizes. These necklaces have elements of various sizes that match the harmony of the whole. Customizable length.

  • 165,00 €
    165,00 €

    Faceted earrings in burnished silver and gold pins from the Gemme collection that focuses its design on the concept of evolution. Transformation requires change, this process is the basis of this collection. Available in two sizes and two materials.

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