• 200,00 €
    200,00 €

    The Where are you? collection bases its design on the study of space within a triangular perimeter. A sphere can represent ourselves and the place we have earned or the one we are struggling for. This silver ring and bronze ball is also available in bronze with silver ball. Size guide

  • 90,00 €
    90,00 €

    Bronze pendant with coral sphere can be match with earrings or ring of the same design. Where are you? collection proposes a study of the space in which the presence of an element - in this case a sphere - symbolically communicates the occupation of a precise place. Common question or existential question?

  • 300,00 €

    Necklace composed of onyxes and silver elements. They are positioned in an alternative way, thus expanding the already numerous combination in the assembly of the necklaces Where are you? (read More Information)

  • 300,00 €

    The Where are you? collection is a study on space. The spheres inside a triangular perimeter lend themselves to infinite possibilities of collocation. Each necklace in the collection is a unique piece due to the numerous combinations of shapes, colors and materials.  This necklace is composed of silver elements, onyx and coral spheres. Customizable. To match with earrings of the same design.

  • 110,00 €
    110,00 €

    Where are you? Very common question but at the same time could refer to a deeper question if we think about our life. Being in the right place is the ideal condition to undertake any project. And are you in the right place? Silver earrings and white pearl.

  • 220,00 €
    220,00 €

    From a common question to an existential question, the Where are you? collection bases its design on the location of an element within a triangular perimeter. The geometric design necklaces offer numerous combinations from the most complex to the simplest such as this necklace with a central element and ocean pearls.

  • 180,00 €
    180,00 €

    Someone thinks that the secret of life is being in the right place. Do you occupy the most suitable place for you? The Where are you? collection offers a triangular perimeter with an element inside. Geometric design necklaces offer numerous combinations such as this necklace with a central bronze element and an onyx thread. To combine with the Earrings of the same collection

  • 229,99 €
    229,99 €

    925 silver pendant with a large silver sphere. Available in silver with bronze sphere. Equipped with steel lace.

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