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  • 200,00 €
    200,00 €

    The Paisley is a design present on our clothes and accessories more than we think. Millennial symbol of fertility, abundance and prosperity is proposed in its most essential reading in this bracelet. Also available in bronze. Customizable color and length combination.

  • 180,00 €
    180,00 €

    The cashmere motif, also known as Paisley dates back more than 2000 years and still today represents a well-wishing symbol of prosperity and abundance. We decided to interpret his design according to our concept of jewelry. The serrate pendant is one of the variants we propose.

  • 275,00 €
    275,00 €

    An ancient symbol of fertility and prosperity, the Paisley or cashmere motif is enclosed in an essential design silver pendant. It is available in different finishes, materials and sizes.

  • 420,00 €
    420,00 €

    All pendants from the Paisley collection can be combined with threads of stones, resins, corals, etc. The Paisley motif dating back to about four centuries a.C. in ancient Persia was widespread in Europe through the textile industries that arose for example in a city of Scotland from which it takes its name. Necklace with resins and pendant in silver and bronze.

  • 250,00 €
    250,00 €

    We have chosen to stylize at best the design of the Cashmere or Paisley in order to realize this two-tone ring. Combined with the pendants, the necklace or the earrings of the same collection. Two-tone ring in silver and gold available in silver and bronze.Size guide

  • 450,00 €
    450,00 €

    The cashmere motif or the Paisley has a design of great strength. Dating back to about four centuries BC still today it is present everywhere: garments, accessories, carpets. We were inspired by his charm to create a line of jewelry dedicated to him. Necklace composed of green agate and elements in silver and bronze. Customizable.

  • 245,00 €
    245,00 €

    Paisley necklaces can be composed in many ways. This is an elegant declination with bronze and onyx element with a comfortable golden silver closure.

  • 540,00 €
    540,00 €

    The cachemire pattern also called Paisley is a design that has been among us for centuries. Its harmonious silhouettes is offered in countless variations but we have decided to give an essential interpretation of the same. The Paisley two-tone necklace is ideal for special occasions to match with earrings of the same design.

  • 380,00 €
    380,00 €

    The Paisley is a design that dates back several centuries before Christ. We wanted to interpret it according to our design idea. This two-colored pendant is made of silver and bronze is equipped with a steel choker. To match with the earrings of the same collection or with the ring.

  • 170,00 €
    170,00 €

    A symbol of prosperity, fertility and abundance, the Paisley is a design that is attributed to the Persian culture of the past millennium. The earrings in silver and bronze can be combined with the pendant that proposes the same design.

  • 120,00 €
    120,00 €

    The cashmere design, also known as Paisley comes to our days from ancient Persia and dates back more than 2000 years. Its strength and its charm influence the decoration of many accessories and clothes for everyday use. The two-tones earrings in silver and bronze with gold pins can be combined with the necklace, the ring or the pendant of the same design.

  • 72,00 €
    72,00 €

    The Paisley design is present in our daily life more than we believe. We wondered why a symbol dating back more than 2000 years continues to beautify our garments, accessories or carpets. From this question a lucky charm collection was born. The silver and bronze lobe earrings can be combined with the pendant of the same design.

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