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  • 200,00 €
    200,00 €

    The Where are you? collection bases its design on the study of space within a triangular perimeter. A sphere can represent ourselves and the place we have earned or the one we are struggling for. This silver ring and bronze ball is also available in bronze with silver ball. Size guide

  • 90,00 €
    90,00 €

    Bronze pendant with coral sphere can be match with earrings or ring of the same design. Where are you? collection proposes a study of the space in which the presence of an element - in this case a sphere - symbolically communicates the occupation of a precise place. Common question or existential question?

  • 300,00 €

    Necklace composed of onyxes and silver elements. They are positioned in an alternative way, thus expanding the already numerous combination in the assembly of the necklaces Where are you? (read More Information)

  • 300,00 €

    The Where are you? collection is a study on space. The spheres inside a triangular perimeter lend themselves to infinite possibilities of collocation. Each necklace in the collection is a unique piece due to the numerous combinations of shapes, colors and materials.  This necklace is composed of silver elements, onyx and coral spheres. Customizable. To match with earrings of the same design.

  • 110,00 €
    110,00 €

    Where are you? Very common question but at the same time could refer to a deeper question if we think about our life. Being in the right place is the ideal condition to undertake any project. And are you in the right place? Silver earrings and white pearl.

  • 180,00 €
    180,00 €

    Vesuvius is an active volcano without which we could not feel true Neapolitans. This pendant is inspired by its strength, its influence. It is a product obtained from a Neapolitan manual skill. In its cusp a gold sphere leads us back to the concept of creation that inspired the entire collection to which it belongs.

  • 200,00 €
    200,00 €

    The strength of a volcano in a ring. Vesuvius dominates and looks at us... this is a tribute to its beauty. In silver with a gold sphere or in bronze with a silver sphere, the Vulcano ring can be finished polished, satin and burnished. Size guide

  • 264,00 €
    264,00 €

    Earrings inspired by the Vesuvius volcano. Their clean and geometric design offers a side reading that makes them unique. They are made by skilled Neapolitan artisans. Combined with the Vulcano ring of the same design. Available with customizable spheres and finish.

  • 300,00 €
    300,00 €

    Variegated agate necklace and Volcano pendant in burnished silver and bronze sphere. The faceted stones give elegance and refinement for a dream look.

  • 165,00 €
    165,00 €

    We decided to create an entire collection according to the aesthetics and the communicative power of the graphemes. This unisex ring proposes the letter inspired by Y with a stylized design. Also available in bronze wet in gold.Size guide

  • 460,00 €
    460,00 €

    The constellations make us think about how much we can depend on each other. Just as the celestial bodies attract and coexist in balance, so the silver or bronze domes are part of this bracelet. The domes are handcrafted by beating small slabs Its flared shape ensures a stable grip on the forearm. Available with different semiprecious stones of your favorite color.

  • 560,00 €
    560,00 €

    Necklace with sterling silver or bronze kites and two onyx threads. The necklace can be personalized with stones, corals or pearls of your choice. Combined with small lobe earrings or with the ring of the same design. Sterling silver clousure.

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