• 264,00 €
    264,00 €

    Earrings inspired by the Vesuvius volcano. Their clean and geometric design offers a side reading that makes them unique. They are made by skilled Neapolitan artisans. Combined with the Vulcano ring of the same design. Available with customizable spheres and finish.

  • 205,00 €
    205,00 €

    Silver drop shaped earrings with gold spheres. Thanks to their flared shape they give harmony to every type of face. Also available in bronze with silver ball. Ideal for any occation. They are part of the Genesis collection inspired by the concept of Creation.

  • 85,00 €
    85,00 €

    The small silver button earrings with spheres and gold pins can be combined with other jewels of the same collection such as the pendant or the ring. The Genesis collection is inspired by the concept of creation, a cell that pulsates and gives rise to a new life. Available in bronze with silver balls.

  • 205,00 €
    205,00 €

    The Genesis collection proposes forms that enclose spheres that will give new life as primordial cells. This concept is what inspired the entire collection. The round earrings in silver with concentric lines and golden spheres can be worn daily. Their classic design gives security and elegance.

  • 205,00 €
    205,00 €

    Elongated earrings with concentric rows in silver and gold spheres 18CT or bronze spheres. Inspired by the concept of Creation are part of the Genesis collection. They can be combined with the ring that incorporates the same design. Also available in bronze with silver balls.. 

  • 220,00 €
    220,00 €

    The spheres in the Genesis collection behave like incubate eggs about to hatch. We have dedicated an entire collection to the concept of Creation in its broadest sense. This pendant in sterling silver palte with ball emulates a hammock that protects a latent existence. 

  • 180,00 €
    180,00 €

    What's better than a hammock to rock an idea? It is from the idea that creation can arise. The Genesis collection is entirely dedicated to this concept. They are light and suitable for any type of face thanks to their flared shape. You can decide how you want the spheres: silver, bronze, gold, semiprecious stones, pearls, or if you want them polished, satin or burnished.

  • 200,00 €
    200,00 €

    Half-moon shaped earrings in silver and gold. This maxi jewel is part of the Genesis collection in which the presence of spheres is the leitmotiv that leads us to the concept of birth, creation or the egg that is ready to hatch. Can be combined with the Welcome to the world ring.

  • 160,00 €
    160,00 €

    In the common imaginary the egg leads us to origin, to birth. We were inspired by its perfect and intriguing shape to conceive the egg-shaped earrings with central spheres. They are light because they are made with a silver plate. Its design makes them suitable for any occasion. It is a completely handmade product.

  • 235,00 €
    235,00 €

    In these earrings is collected the evocative power of the traditional Neapolitan cuoppo, a paper cone where the sellers at the markets supply the goods whether it is fruit, fish, legumes or other. They also recall the well-wishing horns of abundance represented in the famous paintings.

  • 180,00 €
    180,00 €

    The ancestral mother, the first and most important mother associated with nature and the creation of every life. These earrings are a tribute to this archetype and to every creation process. Earrings in dark burnished silver plate and bronze spheres. Customizable.

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