• 440,00 €
    440,00 €

    Wrist bracelet with concentric lines in silver and gold half sphere. Also available in bronze with silver half sphere. Can be combined with earrings or pendant of the same design. Genesis stands for origin, creation, birth ... concepts that inspired the collection of which the bracelet is part.

  • 220,00 €
    220,00 €

    Bracelet with different elements, two-tone and very comfortable. Suitable for any occasion, this bright bracelet can be worn alone or be part of the series of bracelets already worn by you. They can be combined with the ring and earrings from the same collection.

  • 700,00 €
    700,00 €

    The Genesis collection is inspired by the idea of Creation. Dedicated to every new latent proposal about to be born, whatever its nature. The collection is characterized by gold spheres as if to signify the hatched egg, a symbol of birth. To combine with the earrings, the ring or the pendant of the same design. Also available in bronze with silver hemisphere.

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