• 180,00 €
    180,00 €

    The cashmere motif, also known as Paisley dates back more than 2000 years and still today represents a well-wishing symbol of prosperity and abundance. We decided to interpret his design according to our concept of jewelry. The serrate pendant is one of the variants we propose.

  • 275,00 €
    275,00 €

    An ancient symbol of fertility and prosperity, the Paisley or cashmere motif is enclosed in an essential design silver pendant. It is available in different finishes, materials and sizes.

  • 380,00 €
    380,00 €

    The Paisley is a design that dates back several centuries before Christ. We wanted to interpret it according to our design idea. This two-colored pendant is made of silver and bronze is equipped with a steel choker. To match with the earrings of the same collection or with the ring.

  • 120,00 €
    120,00 €

    The Paisley is a drawing dating back to ancient Persia. Also known as cashmere motif it is considered a symbol of fertility and abundance. Widespread in Europe through the textile industry that arose in the eighteenth century in some northern cities such as Paisley in Scotland, of which it takes its name. This two-tone pendant is available in different combinations of materials and in two sizes.

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