• 100,00 €
    100,00 €

    Very nice earrings not for trypophobics available in many colors. Did you know that the cabochon cut makes the stones a sort of dome that enhances their internal reflections? The cat's eye is a stone that has internal veins capable of reflecting the light that comes from the front and not from the base. So they can be placed on closed surfaces, they will always shine.

  • 130,00 €
    130,00 €

    Someone argues that Trypophobia is the aversion to close holes like those of these earrings. We have inserted some domes obtained by beating small plates. They are available in two colors in silver and bronze or in bronze and silver. They can be combined with the ring or bracelet from the same collection.

  • 110,00 €
    110,00 €

    The earrings in the long version can be customized with cabochon stones in your favorite color. They are available in silver or bronze. They will enrich your appearance with a touch of shine and color.

  • 90,00 €
    90,00 €

    Trypophobia should be a kind of aversion to holes placed all close together, like these earrings. Available in silver or bronze.

  • 175,00 €
    175,00 €

    Multicolor earrings can be customized according to your needs with bright colors of cabochon stones or pearls. Available in silver or bronze with pins or clips.

  • 140,00 €
    140,00 €

    Mediterraneo earrings offer an infinity of color combinations for every occasion. In this version we see them with turquoise and agate. Available in silver or bronze.

  • 190,00 €
    190,00 €

    Some earrings are made to swing, like these Pendulum earrings from the Coquette collection. They are available in two colors ib silver and bronze or if you want also one color. The domes are obtained through the manual beating of small plates and subsequently welded.

  • 150,00 €
    150,00 €

    The Bubble earrings from the Coquette collection are suitable for any occasion and are perfect for the summer in the bright colors available or for the winter with silver or bronze cabochon variants. For info: hello@genosgioielli.com

  • 150,00 €
    150,00 €

    Here is the lobe version of the Bollicine earrings. Available in silver with bronze domes or bronze with silver domes. Domes are handcrafted by beating small plates. They are also available with clips. They can be combined with the bracelet and also with the ring from the same collection.

  • 145,00 €
    145,00 €

    This is the version of the Bollicine earrings with stones. They can be customized with semiprecious stone cabochons to your liking. Available with pin or with clips.

  • 195,00 €
    195,00 €

    The reflections of the silver or bronze domes make your face shine. In the long version, they create an unexpected tone that makes them unique and special. Available in two-tone versions in silver or bronze or in the mono-color version. This earrings can be combined with the ring or even the bracelet from the same collection.

  • 100,00 €
    100,00 €

    Earrings with a simple but decisive shape that catch the attention at first glance. Smooth surfaces require longer and more complex processing. The precision in the finishing makes this earring a jewel with a simple but high impact design. Available in bronze or silver on request.

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